• Strategic inter-bank cooperation for the FinTech challenge


Why strategic cooperation?

Cooperation between banks has been a key strategic tool for many decades, specially when innovating. However in the last years the pace of externally-driven innovation has increased exponentially. The arrival of a blizzard of novel financial technologies, coupled with a powerful digital ecosystem and some proactive regulations, presents a challenging environment the industry has never experienced before. In addition to that, the banking industry remains fragmented geographically, in contrast with some external players entering the financial services space.

We serve banks in boosting cooperation around FinTech, and in setting a proactive agenda on FinTech innovation. We assist member banks to develop industry-wise, efficient strategies to speed-up their digital transformation, thus preventing the risk of being disrupted.


How do we produce pan-industrial cooperation?

We organize periodic gatherings to discuss about FinTech disruption. Most importantly, we help launching inter-bank projects to move fast and mitigate threats, or capture opportunities.

Our gatherings take place in Zürich (Switzerland). Meetings are facilitated by a World-class business professor specialized in strategic industry dynamics. Also a team of consultants attend the meetings to come-up and propose the audience with a set of transformational projects that meet their needs. Member banks decide freely on what projects they would pursue, and we take the responsibility of launching and supervising them.


What kind of inter-bank projects do we develop?

Most of the projects originated from our strategic interface fall into one of the following categories:

Strategic Intelligence

Get a mutual understanding of the FinTech phenomenon, and its impact on banking


Incorporate multiple perspectives and ideas, while sharing costs

Framework partnerships

Increase attractiveness for strategic third-parties; make agreements more rewarding

Pooled M&A

Acquire innovating technologies acting as a player with global leverage and synergies

Shared operations

Concentrate on your competitive advantages; share commodity operations

Regulatory standing

Speak as a robuster voice with regulators who shape the future of the industry


Francisco Hernández

Appointed by PwC as "one of Spain's 10 most promising talents in eBusiness", Hernández began his professional career at McKinsey&Co, where he participated in the creation of one of the first online private banks in Europe. In 2005 he founded an online mortgage broker, and one of the first VC forums in Spain. In 2010 he joined Real Madrid CF as Director of Online Strategy. Most recently he has helped large corporations such as TourSpain, VW Group and Novartis to develop and execute successful digital strategies. He provides advice to a number of start-ups, among them GuudJob, rated as the best App in Spain in 2014.

Hernández received his MSc in Industrial Engineering from ETSII-UPM, and an MBA (Finance & Marketing) from London Business School and The University of Chicago.


Esther Yuste

Yuste possesses a vast career in management consulting and business development at McKinsey&Co and Accenture, first in Europe and later in the US. She joined Spain's central bank, Bank of Spain | Eurosystem, to manage digital transformation projects at European level, before becoming a Director at one of the pioneers in business intelligence and big data analysis, Bayes Forecast. Currently Yuste focuses her professional activity in helping Roche manage strategic projects to create the future of medicine. In her free time Yuste attends international movie festivals to represent the film studio she cofounded.

Yuste received her Bachelor of Business Administration from ICADE, her BS of Psychology from UNED, and her MBA (Finance & Management) from Columbia Business School.


Juan Marín

Marín has worked FinTech from all its corners. First as senior consultant at McKinsey&Co, later as banker (Director) at Crèdit Andorrà and Capital One, and finally as innovator (Founder&CEO) at Indigo Value Analysis, a high-tech financial start-up acquired in 2008 by TDX Group, now part of Equifax. Moreover, Marín recently spent 8 years at Google as Global Top Accounts Managing Director. He shares his premium digital insights with students in his position as Professor at IE School of Human Sciences and Technology.

Marín received his MSc in Industrial Engineering from ETSII-UPM, and his MBA (General Management) from IESE.

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